We are McHappy!

McHappy Day is a very special tradition for Ronald McDonald Charities across the country.  It is also a special day for the Campbell River Hospital Foundation, for the past seven years, McHappy Day in Campbell River has helped to support both Ronald McDonald House Charities and quality health care for Campbell River and North Vancouver Island. This year, proceeds from the 2015 McHappy Day helped to purchase a Bili Meter for the Campbell River Hospital Maternity Department.  A Billimeter assesses the risk of hyperbilirubinemia (newborn baby jaundice) and allows medical staff to measure total serum bilirubin levels easier than ever before; using light instead of a needle prick. Jaundice is seen in 30-60% of full-term newborns and in nearly all premature infants, and occurs when a baby develops high levels of bilirubin, a by-product of the normal breakdown of red blood cells.  Ronald McDonald House Charities across the country help provide a home for families of sick or injured children while their child is being treated at a nearby hospital.  Research shows that sick children heal faster when their families are with them, and the houses enable families to stay by their child’s side during a medical crisis. Thank you for supporting McHappy Day and thank you Jens and Mary Rolinski and your wonderful staff.