Who have giving hearts? First Open Heart Society of Campbell River!

The Campbell River Branch of the First Open Heart Society recently donated to the Campbell River Hospital Foundation in order to purchase an Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor (ABPM) and two Holter Monitors. An ABPM measures blood pressure over 24 hours to provide a more complete picture of your blood pressure.  Patients wear a special blood pressure cuff that measures and records their blood pressure at regular intervals.  The records can provide a more reliable measurement than one-off readings.  This is particularly true for patients whose blood pressure rises due to anxiety when visiting their healthcare provider. In medicine, a Holter monitor is a portable device for continuously monitoring various electrical activity of the cardiovascular system for at least 24 hours.  The Holter monitor records electrical signals from the heart via a series of electrodes attached to the chest. These electrodes are connected to a small piece of equipment that is attached to the patient's belt or hung around the neck, and is responsible for keeping a log of the heart's electrical activity throughout the recording period. Formed in 1973, the First Open Heart Society provides patient support for those about to undergo heart surgery by those who have already ‘walked the path’.  The Campbell River Branch holds one fundraiser each year; the Walk for Hearts, held the first Sunday in May.  All donations from this event stay in our community and are used for North Island heart patients, cardiac equipment for Campbell River Hospital and education for cardiac nurses and technicians. You can support the doctors, nurses and other key members of your local healthcare team, and help ensure that you and your loved ones continue to receive first-class healthcare right here at home by donating on line at www.crhospitalfoudnation.ca or calling (250) 850-2418