River Spirit Dragon Boat Team - BIG Spirit and KIND Hearts

In recognition of its 10th anniversary, River Spirit dragon boat team recently made a donation to the Campbell River Hospital Foundation.  The funds have been tagged to go toward the purchase of High Definition Digital Mammography Monitors for the Medical Imaging Department.  “Recently, the Campbell River Hospital successfully recruited a Radiologist with screening mammography experience to join the Campbell River Radiologist group,” states Stacey Marsh CRHF Executive Director.  “With the addition of the Monitors and the new Radiologist, interpretations will now be done here in Campbell River. We believe that this is an important new service and hope that it will help encourage women to have these screening exams when they know that their exam is being interpreted here at home.” River Spirit team members were on hand to present a cheque to the Campbell River Hospital Foundation and received a tour and explanation of how the monitors work from Doctor Corr.  “As well as celebrating our first 10 years, we would also like to recognize the founding members of the team and acknowledge the incredible support the community continues to give us,” said president, Val Larson.   The ladies also made a visit to the surgical floor to deliver support pillows for breast surgery patients and squeeze balls to assist in their rehabilitation.  The pillows and balls were made by the team at a recent work bee and will be provided to the hospital as needed on an ongoing basis.