Sit to Stand Trainer for Rehabilitation

The Campbell River Italian Cultural Society recently made a donation towards the purchase of a Sit to Stand Trainer for the Rehabilitation Department in Campbell River Hospital. A Sit to Stand trainer uses a counter-weight mechanism to provide a safe and effective way to strengthen weight bearing muscles and increase standing stability and endurance.  It is used by therapists in a number of applications including post-surgical orthopaedic, cardiac rehabilitation and patients that have had a lengthy illness and have not stood on their own for an extended period of time. The Sit to Stand trainer allows staff to safely assist patients, reducing work-place injuries, in addition, the mobility of this equipment allows it to used anywhere in Campbell River Hospital, from the gym in Rehabilitation to the ICU.  For 20 years the Campbell River Italian Cultural Society has hosted an amazingly fun and delicious family picnic at Miracle Beach Provincial Park, complete with homemade sausages and spaghetti, raising more than $21,000 in support of quality health care for Campbell River and North Vancouver Island.