Monthly Giving: Louise Belin

Signing up for monthly donations is easy!

By giving a small amount each month, you can make a big difference to your hospital. Our monthly giving program allows you to donate over 12 months by pre-authorizing withdrawals from your bank account or making reoccurring charges on your credit card. Your donations will be recognized with one receipt at the end of the year.

Why give monthly?

Dependable income: Your regular donation allows for more efficient planning

A wise investment: You will be supporting a valuable and critical community asset so it will be ready when you and your loved ones need it most.

A win-win situation: Administrative costs are reduced; lower costs on our end means you get more distance from your donation dollars: more goes to patient care, modern equipment and staff training.

Budget friendly: The plan is affordable and donations are easy to fit into your budget.

A timesaver: You won't have to write a cheque or search for a stamp every time you make a donation.