2012-13 Funding Priorities

We fund vital medical equipment that supports our Hospital in providing care for Campbell River and North Vancouver Island. Your donation helps support every area of patient care and every demographic of this community at every age and stage of their lives ~ Thank you.Argon Laser System for Ophthalmology - $130,000This equipment will be used for a number of different procedures that include:Treatment of Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathy (High Blood Pressure)Treatment of tears, holes or impending retinal detachmentPrevent or treat an attack of acute Glaucoma, a potential blinding ocular emergency.Treatment of Macular EdemaTreatment of scar tissue that may occur following Cataract surgery Monitor for the Intensive Care Unit - $44,431It monitors the patient heart rate and any irregularities - a monitor is dedicated to each patient in the ICUElectrosurgical Unit for Endoscopy - $52,500This equipment is used in procedures like removing polyps and gastric ulcers in the GI tract.  It is a complete system that offers physicians control and at the ability to complete multiple therapies all from one platform and one device. The Endoscopy Department in the CR Hospital performs 10 procedures per day, 5 days per week.Dental System for the Operating Room - 15,600This is a self-contained portable system from drills to suction that is used for Dental Restoration; this equipment is used on both children and adults in the Campbell River Hospital Operating Room. Each month, there are two full days dedicated to dental restoration and filings to meet the oral needs of children. Dentistry using general anesthesia is most often used for children with severe anxiety that have an inability to cooperate due to their age, compromised health, special needs or extensive dental needs.Microscope with Digital Camera for Pathology - $20kThis equipment allows our Pathologists to diagnose malignancies and because of the Digital Camera it also provides them with the ability to take a photo and forward it on to a colleague or specialist if needed.