Legacy Giving is a reflection on how you want to be remembered - in your community, your family and your work.  Legacy Giving is the planning of your most significant charitable asset - no matter the size - that will memorialize your philanthropic values while balancing your family commitments and financial needs.

You likely have plans for your next vacation, for your health and plans to ensure that your family is protected.  Having a financial plan is just as important; you can plan ahead to pay less tax on your estate and leave more wealth for the people and charitable causes that you love - like your local hospital.

We feel honoured to be included in the legacy created by donors, and we are always touched by the thoughtfulness of people who include our hospital when planning their estate.

There are many ways to create a planned gift:

  • Charitable Bequest - a gift to a charity made through a will. A bequest of cash, property, mutual funds, RRSP's, RRIF's, stocks, or bonds can provide you with beneficial estate tax savings.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust - this option allows you to donate your capital while you live on the income. You receive a charitable tax receipt and interest income.
  • Life Insurance Policy - by donating a life insurance policy to your favourite charity, you ensure that it will receive the total benefit under the policy and you will receive certain tax credits. If you don't want to donate an existing policy, you can purchase a new one on behalf of your favourite charity that, if structured properly, will entitle you to a charitable receipt annually for any premiums you pay.
  • Charitable Life Annuity - this option allows you to make a charitable gift now and continue to receive lifetime income from the assets you've donated, for yourself, or for you and your spouse. A large portion of this annuity cash flow will be tax free, and therefore, may not trigger any Old Age Security clawback.

 For more information or if you have any questions, contact our office.