Monitor for Intensive Care - $44,000

Used to monitor a patients heart rate and any irregularities – a monitor is dedicated to each patient in the ICU

ICU Bed with Rotation Module - $38,754

Intensive Care Unit beds are very special in that they are able to provide specialized care to critically ill patients. These beds can provide continual rotation to help decrease the chance of a patient getting pneumonia or pulmonary complications while bed ridden. They may also be converted into what is called a cardiac chair, assisting patients to sit up. This progressive mobilization helps the patient start moving in bed (sitting in a chair position) before they are physically able to stand, this can help to decrease the length of their hospital stay and increase mobilization. These beds are also designed to help the nurse care safely for their bed ridden patients and therefore decreasing the chance of work place injury. *Not exactly as shown in photo

ECG Machine - $21,982

Electrocardiography (ECG) is used to measure the rate and regularity of heartbeats, as well as the size and position of the chambers, the presence of any damage to the heart, and the effects of drugs or devices used to regulate the heart.

Harmonic Scapel - $4,799

A Harmonic Scapel is a surgical instrument that is used to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissue.

Linfatec Spectrum Handle - $2,323

An instrument used during Arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Adult Arm and Hand Table - $4,842

Equipment that is used during plastic surgery that provides stability.

Fetal Doppler - $1,170

A Fetal Doppler is a hand-held ultrasound transducer used to detect the fetal heartbeat for prenatal care. It uses the Doppler effect to provide audible simulation of the heartbeat.

Laryngoscope - $6,160

Laryngoscopy (larynx + scopy) is a medical procedure that is used to obtain a view of the vocal folds and the glottis. Laryngoscopy may be performed to facilitate tracheal intubation during general anesthesia or cardiopulmonary resuscitation or for procedures on the larynx or other parts of the upper tracheobronchial tree.

Pressure Infuser - $3,073

A pressure infusor is a specially designed cuff and bladder device used to pressurize sterile parenteral fluids (e.g. blood, IV solution) to provide for rapid infusion into patients suffering from hypovolemia and its complications.

ABP Monitor - $4,175

An ABP Monitor measures blood pressure over 24 hours to provide a more complete picture of your blood pressure. Patients wear a special blood pressure cuff that measures and records their blood pressure at regular intervals. The records can provide a more reliable measurement than one-off readings. This is particularly true for patients whose blood pressure rises due to anxiety when visiting their healthcare provider.

Birthing Bed - $25,220

- Maternity birthing beds are designed to help ensure that moms have the best possible birthing experience; made both for moms-to-be and for labor and delivery nurses, this bed will offer outstanding patient comfort, flexible support features, simple operation and improved mobility.

Video-Processor - $84,000

This equipment works hand-in-hand with the Electrosurgical Unit for Endoscopy. The Scope attaches to the Video Processor allowing the physician to see the progress of the scope on screen. The purchase of this equipment will fully equip a second Endoscopy suite and in turn creating the ability for more patients to be cared for.

Infant Stabilette - $26,554

An Infant Stabilette is used routinely after a baby is born to perform routine preliminary tests and health care evaluations as well as infant warming. It is also used to help support and stabilize patient breathing and if needed it is used in emergency respiratory intervention.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Kit - $43,000

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is an advanced, instructor-led classroom course that highlights the management of patients in cardiac arrest, with unstable heart rhythms or suffering acute heart attacks or strokes. Team dynamics and communication, systems of care and immediate post-cardiac-arrest are highlighted. Specific skills in airway management and related pharmacology are also featured. Skills are taught through group discussion and hands on learning through case-based scenarios using simulators. ACLS is recommended for Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapist and Physicians working in critical care areas. The course is mandatory and is in a two day format for new health care providers and in a one day update format for current providers.

Electrosurgical Unit for Endoscopy - $52,000

This equipment is used in procedures like removing polyps and gastric ulcers in the GI tract. It is a complete system that offers physicians control and and the ability to complete multiple therapies all from one platform and one device. The Endoscopy Department in the CR Hospital performs 10 procedures per day, 5 days per week.

Argon Laser System for Ophthalmology - $160,874

This equipment will be used for a number of different procedures that include: •Treatment of Diabetic and Hypertensive Retinopathy (High Blood Pressure) •Treatment of tears, holes or impending retinal detachment •Prevent or treat an attack of acute Glaucoma, a potential blinding ocular emergency •Treatment of Macular Edema •Treatment of scar tissue that may occur following Cataract surgery

Dental Equipment for the Operating Room - $15,000

This is a self-contained portable system from drills to suction that is used for Dental Restoration; this equipment is used on both children and adults in the Campbell River Hospital Operating Room. Each month, there are two full days dedicated to dental restoration and filings to meet the oral needs of children. Dentistry using general anesthesia is most often used for children with severe anxiety that have an inability to cooperate due to their age, compromised health, special needs or extensive dental needs.

22 Gallon Extremity Whirlpool - $5,706

An Extremity Whirlpool is used by our Rehabilitation Department. This equipment provides comfortable and effective treatment of precise areas of the body, such as the foot, ankle and lower leg as well as upper extremities like the elbow, forearm and hand. It is most often used prior to therapy in order to warm and/or cleanse the area to be worked. There is a need for this equipment due to the age of the existing whirlpool and issues with breakdown. This equipment is used on average 12 times per day.

High Definition Monitors - $22,909

Recently, the Campbell River Hospital successfully recruited a Radiologist with screening mammography experience to join the Campbell River Radiologist group and a request was made to the Hospital Foundation to support the purchase of High Definition Monitors. These monitors are five megapixels, making them ideal and most accurate for Medical Imaging use. Previously the technologists at the Campbell River Hospital would perform the task of acquiring Mammography images and then the images are sent to either Nanaimo or Comox hospitals for interpretation. These monitors along with the new Radiologist mean more interpretations can now be done here in Campbell River. Each year there are approximately 4000 mammograms performed at Campbell River Hospital and we believe that this is an important new service. We also Hope that it will help encourage women to have these screening exams when they know that their exam is being interpreted here at home.

Neonatal Jaundice Meter - $9,213

Jaundice is seen in 30-60% of full-term newborns and in nearly all premature infants, and occurs when a baby develops high levels of bilirubin, a byproduct of the normal breakdown of red blood cells. A jaundice meter shines a light on the baby's skin to measure yellowish skin tones and is capable of replacing visual checks, which are not always accurate.

Fetal Monitor - $35,952

A Fetal Monitor is used to monitor the baby in uteri as well as during labour, this allows staff to know if labour is progressing normally and if there are any complications and if the baby is in distress. Because the staff is able to observe with the monitor, they can prepare in a calm organized manner rather than react if a crisis does occur.

Humidifier/Neopuff - $2,227

The humidifier is part of a T-piece resuscitator, which is used during life-saving respiratory support due to prematurity or other complications after birth. The immature airways of a baby are a fragile mechanism reliant on a delicate balance of temperature and humidity.